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Each athlete will receive an individualized program based on their sport and strengths/weaknesses. Training cycles last anywhere from two to four weeks depending on the athlete and the current training phase. Whether your sport is Baseball, Football, lacrosse, volleyball or Golf we know how to prepare and get you ready to perform!

Athletes are trained in areas of: strength. speed, agility, power, injury prevention, plyometrics, core, and functional training related to the individual sport. We also use nutrition, recovery, and mobility sessions to help optimize the training plan.

Through the use of these tactics we develop speed, agility, strength, power, force, acceleration, deceleration, conditioning, core stability, confidence, mental toughness, good nutrition habits, and overall athleticism, our athletes will be taken care of to meet the demands of their given sport.

Sports we currently work with include:

  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Skiing
  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey
Choose Your Own Pace

Pricing Options

  • Initial Assesment

  • $75/mo
  • 2 Sessions per Week

  • $300MTH
  • Unlimited Sessions

  • $425MTH

What’s Included In Our Programs


• Ongoing 1on1 mentorship meetings with bold coaches
• Access to bold coaches who play/played the game at a high level

High Performance Training

• Individualized programming
• Strength, power, speed, agility
• Ongoing feedback

Nutritional Guidance

• Individualized nutrition information
• Bold Athlete Nutrition Guide
• Recipes
• Supplement education

Progress Reports

• Ongoing athlete progress report cards
• Coach feedback

Personal Development

• Lifestyle habits
• Accountability
• Leadership Development
• Goal setting + Coaching
• Confidence!


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