What makes us unique

Our Programming

Each athlete goes through a full body structural and ROM assessment. Based on our assessment we are able to pin point the areas we need to fix to get the athlete in the best position to train effectively and safely. We are also testing players on the ice in areas of acceleration, top-end speed, change of direction and hockey specific energy systems.

We believe in training our players like athletes, not weightlifters. Our approach is using a Omni-Contraction System where each type of muscle contraction is trained throughout the week to enhance athletic qualities. Early in the Off-Season we focus on creating mobility in the hips and ankles, we strengthen the low back, quads, hamstrings, hips and upper body. As the summer progresses we move into a  strength phase where the goal is to get strong and stable in key hockey positions. Our last phase consists of developing power and speed. Within our system we take into account each players needs and adjust our programming to elicit the best results for that player.

Every week we are integrating performance tests such as: vertical jump, broad jump, sprints, that help our coaches ensure programs are continually meeting the needs of each athlete.

What makes us unique

Our Culture

Trust the Process – when you walk through our doors, it is about trusting the process, committing to your goals, taking pride in the small details, and being a great teammate to the others around you.

What makes us unique

Our Bold Approach

With over 12 years serving hockey players, we have a deep understanding of the demands and needs of players as they prepare for their seasons. This means knowing when to prescribe the right training stimulus, knowing the anatomy involved in hockey and how to prevent injury, and maybe most important, the mental demands of the game. Because of these factors we put a huge emphasis on building meaningful relationships with our athletes. We take time to build trust and see them as people first and athletes’ second.

We currently work with players in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, NCAA D1, USports, WHL, BCHL, AJHL, SJHL, JR.B, U18, 16, 15 and 13.

What makes us unique

Our Coaching

Bold Coaches are there to be a coach, a mentor, someone to talk to and someone that will hold you accountable to your goals. Our job is to help prepare our athletes for success in and out of their sport. Creating meaningful relationships with athletes and parents is at the core of how and why we coach.

What makes us unique

Our Facilities

We take pride in being a one-stop-shop for athletes. With our gym located inside Father David Bauer Arena, we can train, skate (with the perks of leaving your gear at the rink) and recover under one roof. We also have access to a track, fields, and meeting and video rooms. Our gym equipment and sport technology is state of the art, built specifically for athletes.