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Adult Fitness Programs

Custom Individual Programs

Custom Programs

No two fitness paths are the same, at Bold we believe in creating programs with that in mind. We work with each of our clients on an individual level to create custom fitness programs that are catered specifically to them. Whether you are training for competition, trying to improve your body composition, or recovering from an injury, we’ve got you.

Group X Personal Hybrid

We also believe that most work harder when surrounded by other hard working people. So we combined two of our favourite aspects of training; group gym sessions with personalized programs. The best of both worlds in one.

Coach Pairing

Through our ID Program you will be connected with one of our amazing coaches who will work with you throughout your program. You will also be surrounded by other qualified coaches who will be there to ensure you are executing your program effectively.

What to Expect

When you first start we do an assessment that includes: body composition using Fit3D technology, movement, strength, conditioning, nutrition and goal setting. The assessment allows your coach to start building your custom program. You will then work through that program in our scheduled gym sessions. The gym sessions are semi-private style with a 5:1 client:coach ratio.

Choose Your Program

Individual Design Program (ID)

Custom Fitness Program

This option is for the trainee who loves to workout, is goal oriented, wants consistent feedback from a coach, the ability to completely customize their programming to meet continually changing needs. This option can also be for a new client who wants to make sure every exercise they are doing is designed for them. Individual Design clients will receive weekly and monthly communication from your coach to ensure progress is being made!

  • 2 Sessions per Week

  • $220MTH
  • 3 Sessions per Week

  • $265MTH
  • 4 Sessions per Week

  • $305MTH
  • 5 Sessions per Week

  • $320MTH

Goal Specific Template Program

Template Fitness Program

This program is for anyone wanting to workout. From the trainee who loves to workout, has experience in the gym but needs structure and something to follow. To the person who is new to training and wants to get a feel for a gym before moving into more specific programming.

Template Options:
1. Gain Strength – think classic lifts such as: squats, deadlifts, pushes, pulls
2. Build Muscle – Look good naked program
3. Fat Loss – Programming designed to promote long lasting fat loss
4. Lifestyle – A full body balanced approach of strength training, mobility and cardio

  • 2 Sessions per Week

  • $145MTH
  • 3 Sessions per Week

  • $180MTH
  • 4 Sessions per Week

  • $195MTH
  • 5 Sessions per Week

  • $200MTH

Full Assessment: $75 separate charge

Remote Individual Design Program (ID)

Remote Custom Fitness Program

This option is for those who still want a program designed for their body, but with their lifestyle and home situation in mind. Your coach will work with you on what equipment you have available to ensure you still get a great workout. You will also receive monthly communication with your coach!

  • 2 Sessions per Week

  • $125MTH
  • 3 Sessions per Week

  • $145MTH
  • 4 Sessions per Week

  • $160MTH
  • 5 Sessions per Week

  • $175MTH

Full Assessment: $75 separate charge

What’s Included In Our Programs


• Ongoing 1on1 mentorship meetings with bold coaches
• Access to bold coaches who play/played the game at a high level

High Performance Training

• Individualized programming
• Strength, power, speed, agility
• Ongoing feedback

Nutritional Guidance

• Individualized nutrition information
• Bold Athlete Nutrition Guide
• Recipes
• Supplement education

Progress Reports

• Ongoing athlete progress report cards
• Coach feedback

Personal Development

• Lifestyle habits
• Accountability
• Leadership Development
• Goal setting + Coaching
• Confidence!


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