About Us

About Us

The Bold Story

Bold Athlete was established in the summer of 2012 by Alex Allan and Simon Docherty. Our program was created with the vision to develop a program to mentor young athletes and help give them the tools to be successful in both sport and life.

In 2012, we began with our first 2 athletes, Matthew Phillips (Calgary Flames) and Zach Russell (WHL). We started out training in various city fields, then grew to a temporary garage gym built in 2015 and in 2018 we purchased our first location out of Father David Bauer. The program has picked up steam every year where we now train over 150 athletes as part of our Off-Season Program and various other athletes and teams throughout the year. Originally Bold was a Summer Off-Season program but since taking over the space at FDB, we have been running various Hockey and Adult fitness programs year round with the help of our quality coaches and trainers.

We take a lot of pride in the values that we can offer our athletes and we are constantly looking for ways to improve, develop and grow our business to provide more impact for each individual athlete. What we do at Bold is not strictly athletic training, but rather finding creative solutions to help mentor and set our athletes up with the skills, character and confidence to be successful in all avenues of life.

The Bold Foundation

Our team is focused on the growth, development, and strengthening with all of our athletes. The foundation of our training roots from hockey with a focus on speed, strength, agility, and performance. Today, our expertise now expands beyond the hockey rink to all athletes or adult fitness journeys, and includes well-rounded program elements such as recovery, nutrition, and mentorship.

Trust the Process

Our Coaches

Alex Allan

Owner, High Performance Director

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Training/Coaching Experience?

I have been coaching athletes on and off the ice since 2012

What do you love about Bold?

Bold is a place where I can be myself and utilize my talents. Bold allows me to be creative, it challenges me to grow as a person, and gives me a sense of team and community. Even if it’s only a small piece to their success, watching younger athletes grow up and achieve their lifelong goals has to be my favorite part of what I do.

Why did you decide to be a trainer/coach?

I have played sports since I could walk, I fell in love with hockey and the process of getting better every summer. I was also always a leader on my teams and enjoyed giving back. When my hockey career was winding down, naturally my best buddy and now business partner and I decided to start Bold Athlete. Haven’t looked back since.

3 words that your close friends would use to describe you?

Intense. Curious. Caring.

What is your favourite “bold-ism” and why? (example) Jam of the week, Buzzin’, hell-week?

Earn Your Weekend. This is was said to me at a young age and something I have always said. I believe it is important to take care of your business during the week, and EARN the time to enjoy yourself

If people can bring one attitude into the gym what should it be?

An unwillingness to be average and a relentless pursuit to realize their potential.

Rapid Fire:

Favourite Book? Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thomas

Favourite Quote? “To be the man, you gotta BEAT the man” – Ric “Nature Boy” Flair

Favorite Movie? Good Fellas

Your Top Industry Influence? Cal Dietz – Head Strength Coach University of Minnesota & Charles Poliquin

Something not everyone knows about you? I was the starting Quarterback in Highschool without ever playing football previously (couple ways you can view that situation, I’ll let you draw your own)

What would you sing at Karaoke? R.Kelly – I believe I can fly or If I’m with my wife, Usher ft. Alicia Keys – My Boo

One thing you wish you could tell your younger self? Cherish the time with my family. Life is short.

Top Song in your workout playlist? Post Malone – Better Now

Other Passions in Life? My son, golf, cooking, traveling

Simon Docherty

Owner, Director of Business Development, Strength Coach

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Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Fitness Leadership at Camosun College in Victoria

Training/Coaching Experience:

I began training and coaching athletes when we started the business in 2012. I specialize in working with our beginner and intermediate athletes within our program with the intention of building a foundation (both physically and mentally) for our athletes that will set them up for success as they move to more advanced programming later on. I also volunteered to coach for Foothills Little League (baseball) for 4 years prior to the start of Bold that helped me cultivate my desire for coaching.

What do you love about Bold:

From a more macro standpoint, I love that our company strives to push our coaches and athletes in a way that pushes their comfort zone and attempts to push the boundary of individual potential. There is big correlation to our business and the “you reap what you sow” mentality that can permeate the culture in the gym. There’s no secret, we are better coaches when we are attacking the status quo and the belief of where we can take this business and how we can develop our coaches and athletes. It is a constant reminder to look in the mirror and make sure I am practicing what I preach to my athletes/coaches and ensuring that I am challenging my own potential.

I also love the fact that I am able to pursue my dreams with my best friend. It’s something that you can easily take for granted, but having control and direction over where we can go and what we can create, is something that I am grateful for every day.

Why did you decide to be a trainer/coach?
I have always wanted to have a profession that could have a very positive impact on a person’s direction and intention. Starting Bold allowed me to do this as well as pursue my dream in creating a business that would allow young people to see their potential in themselves.

3 words that your close friends would use to describe you:

Loyal, passionate, analytical.

What is your favourite “bold-ism” and why? (example) Jam of the week, Buzzin’, hell-week:

“Trust the Process” It’s extremely cliché but it is also what I truly believe in. Whether it’s in trying to pursue our business goals, or an athlete and their personal goals, I feel very strongly that the process is what’s crucial is achieving any goal. As long as you can commit and dedicate to a process, there will be learning and growth that will be available.

If people can bring one attitude into the gym what should it be:

A willingness to improve, dedicate and commit to the process of getting better. Consistency in all of those attributes is the next piece of the puzzle.

Rapid Fire

Favourite Book: Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson

Favourite Quote: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s, there are few” – Shunryu Suzuki

Favorite Movie: Goodwill Hunting

Your Top Influence(s): Stan Baric, Morgan Alexander, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady

Something not everyone knows: My personal goal/dream is to own my own sailboat and sail across the pacific ocean.

What would you sing at Karaoke: “That’s life” Frank Sinatra

One thing you wish you could tell your younger self: The ability to let go, forgive yourself and/or others is extremely powerful. Learn, move on and don’t waste energy on something that didn’t go the way you initially wanted. Nothing has any power to make you feel a certain way, except the power that you give it.

Top Song in your workout playlist: Icky Thump by the White Stripes

Other Passions in Life: NFL, Skiing, Waterskiing/Wakeboarding, Lake life at the Shuswap, Travelling abroad, Swiss Cheese

Chris Rauckman

Strength Coach

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Training/Coaching Experience:

5 years as a strength coach, spent an additional 3 years as a roller hockey coach

What do you love about Bold:

The hidden life lessons we teach not only young athletes, but experienced I.D. clients. Bold challenges you as soon as you walk in the door.

Why did you decide to be a trainer/coach:

I love being a leader. Training/coaching allows me to push people beyond their comfort zones and dig deeper into their character.

3 words that your close friends would use to describe you:

Loyal, hardworking, loud

What is your favourite “bold-ism” and why? (example) Jam of the week, Buzzin’, hell-week:

“It’s a lifestyle” This is my favourite because I think it captures what we are trying to accomplish most at bold. Creating healthy habits and turning them into a lifestyle.

If people can bring one attitude into the gym what should it be:

A grinders attitude. It’s almost never easy at Bold and there will be times where you are tempted to quit. Being able to break through metal barriers will allow you to be successful at our gym.

Rapid Fire

Favourite Book: My Leafs Sweater

Favourite Quote: W.I.N. (Whats important now)

Favorite Movie: The Sandlot

Your Top Influence: Father

Something not everyone knows: I’m a Professional Roller Hockey Player

What would you sing at Karaoke: Sweet Caroline

One thing you wish you could tell your younger self: Try harder

Top Song in your workout playlist: Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

Other Passions in Life: Cooking


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